Though they be little; they are mighty! It’s never too early to start interacting.

The Bumblebee Room is the infant care section of Playing to Learn Childcare. Great attention is given to the well-being of our Bumblebees while proving the correct amount of stimulation so each child can grow and advance.



These toddlers are on the move — outdoors and in the classroom.

Our Hummingbird Room is the domain of the toddlers. Here each child is given directed play and activities as well as free time as they continue to learn how to interact with others and explore their individual interests.



Learning and expression through play.  These are our leaders of tomorrow.  Watch out world, here we come!

The Starfish Room is the Preschool location for Playing to Learn Childcare. Here the children are exposed to more formal learning, through play and directed activities, and further their intellectual and motor skills.