“Abigail receives nothing but love and attention at Playing to Learn. As a working mother, I go to work with ease knowing that my precious baby is in extremely competent and loving hands. We are grateful that we are part of this family.”

–Katie Levine

“Deanna and her team are so fantastic at what they do. My son has been with them since he was about 8 months old. Throughout this time he has learned sign language, manners– like sharing, and has a great group of friends to interact with. Among the many activities, my favorites are the many art projects that adorn our refrigerator. I recommend Playing to Learn as an outstanding care and education facility for any child.”

–Katie Colomb

“Deanna and her staff have been a blessing in our lives. When trying to decide whether to send my 2.5 yr old son, who is very attached to me and doesn’t take to new situations easily, to preschool or daycare, we visited three preschools and then Playing to Learn. I saw he’d be getting more attention and learn more things at her daycare than any of the preschools we visited. The staff to kid ratio was easily the smallest, the mixed ages, and her emphasis on communication and caring for each other among the kids (she signs to the babies!) teaches my guy more because he has not just the adults, but also the older kids to learn from. Finally, when I asked him where he’d like to go, he said Deanna’s. I grew up with a huge extended family and it was wonderful. My son doesn’t have the same opportunity, but Playing to Learn is the closest thing we’ve come to finding that.”

–Nam Nguyen

“Playing to Learn encourages me to be the best parent I can be. I am astounded & grateful for how much my daughters have blossomed from the honest & enriching support of our childcare family.”

–Raquelmarie Clark